*rolls around screeching*

I called them and we talked a bit about what the thing is about, and if I was interested in being part of it, as well as talking about the mental health stuff in question (DID and BPD as well as a bit of the other stuff thrown in there), she asked about the system, people in it and general questions there, and every day living, goals for the future and if I had any or if it’s just taking one day at a time right now, asked if it’s possible to speak to my therapist about me too with my permission and if I’d be okay with meeting up at some point to talk more. She’s sending me an email with more info at some point too, but so far it looks … Interesting? XD

I need to talk to my girlfriend about this whole thing when she gets back and I know she’s not busy so we can focus properly, but again, I’m interested so far and I guess we’ll see what happens.

So.. Yeah!